Thursday, October 2, 2008

Color me green

Not the green of envy, but the green of earth-friendly, eco-chic! More and more couples getting married today are looking for innovative ways of showing their own committment to helping Mother Earth stay green by looking for earth-friendly wedding guest favors and reception decor. Below are just a few ideas, Love U Mean It has many more ideas which can be shared during your initial consultation;

1. PACKAGED SEEDS ... what's easier than a trip to your local home improvement center to pick out seed packets? Inexpensive and colorful, many seeds attract a variety of butterflys, birds and bees and lend not only beauty, but fragrance to the home garden. Check to be certain that you're selecting the right flowers for your growing zone, then choose two or three packets of flowers, staple at the top and adorn with a ribbon and gift tag. Flowers not your style? Try herbs and spices for a change of pace, or mix it up and include flowers and herbs! As quick as you can say "I Do", you've got a sensible, eco-chic wedding favor!

2. LOVE TAG SEEDED FAVOR & PLACECARDS ... The creative folks over at Milkweed Cafe (www.milkweedcafe/partyfavors.htm) have taken flower seeds one step further with their plantable paper seeded Love tags that serve the dual purpose of being guest favor and placecard. You can even choose the paper color, ink color and ribbon for this awesome, eco chic find.

3. HIGH EFFICIENCY LIGHT BULBS ... Ok, so this isn't your typical romantic guest favor, but think about it; these light bulbs can last up to 10 years longer than standard light bulbs and are up to 5 times more efficient. They're an excellent way to reduce household energy expences. And what's more important, you're the light of each others lives - how is that not romantic?

4. TREES ... Trees are a gift that can last a lifetime and will remind your guests of your special day every time they see the tree. Lots of organizations sell miniature trees (in little tubes) that can be planted indoors or out.

Check out the Arbor Day Foundation ( for more information and pricing. Tree in a tube not your cup of tea? Consider a small "topiary" placecard holder like the ones available from Kate Aspen (

5. BIODEGRADABLE WEDDING CONFETTI ... Tossing rice is a no-no, bird seed is out of favor as well, why not give your guests something fun to toss that's also easy on the environment? Personally, I like the biodegradable wedding confetti available at Favor Creative (see

6. DONATE, DONATE, DONATE ... Most of us have enough stuff sitting around our homes, including things we received as wedding guest favors but haven't touched since we got home from the wedding. When you and your groom are considering what new "thing" your guests would most appreciate, why not consider a gift of donation? The American Humane Society, ASPCA, and World Wildlife Federation all are in need of your donations to fund their ongoing efforts to help both domesticated and wild animals the world over.

There's also the Susan G. Komen Fund fighting the great battle against breast cancer, and the American Cancer Society. Charitable donation has become such a popular idea that the American Diabetes Association will even supply table cards to explain your donation to your wedding guests.

In an age when many of us are looking at our material accumulations with an eye to thinning out, a wedding is a great time to extend your happiness to those most in need with a donation to the charity of your choice.


AllyR said...

Very helpful website. I especially like the ideas for eco weddings. I wish more wedding websites addressed this important issue. Thank you for doing so. Ally R

Anonymous said...

Love This Post & It's really helpful to alot of brides that want to go green for their weddings!
Check out my blog today!

- The Shopaholic Blogger

Stephanie Billings said...

Great ideas and blog in general. Most of the wedding blogs I've seen are trying to sell so much stuff I feel like its one big sales pitch. I wish I lived in Arizona Lori because I could use a wedding planner like you.