Thursday, November 20, 2008

Absent but accounted for

My sincere apologies to my readers for my prolonged absence from blogging. It's not for lack of want, but rather, a need for family time and introspection as I mourn the death of my mother.

On the 13th of November, following a brief illness which necessitated her being hospitalized, mom passed peacefully away. Among the many things I'll miss most about my mother, were her morning phone calls filling me in on the newspaper items and local store sales she thought would be of interest to me.

The woman who taught me to "never leave the house without lipstick" is most certainly in Heaven, and most likely at the lipstick counter picking out the perfect pink to wear with her new wings. For what I know for sure, is that I have a new guardian angel watching over me, and her name is MOM.

Rest in peace mom, remember always - Love U Mean It


Thursday, November 6, 2008

What I've learned from weddings

As a wedding planner, it's my job to remain objective and professional while planning and organizing the happy couple's big day. It's also fair to say that from time to time, pure emotion and romantic fervor enter the picture and throw objectivity (temporarily) out the window.

Weddings and the emotions they sometimes generate often defy explanation ... even for well seasoned wedding goers and planners such as myself. Because the wedding I planned and executed this past weekend is still so fresh in my mind, I offer these observations;

* No woman is so beautiful as a woman in love and about to marry the man of her dreams.

* The Father/Daughter dance is guaranteed to make me cry.

* Always have tissues handy for those who thought themselves too unemotional to need them.

* No matter when your last wedding dress fitting occured, THE DRESS will need some minor adjustment on wedding day. Have safety pins, needle and thread handy.

* Including a map with the invite does not guarantee guests won't get lost.

* For some guests, an invite stating a 3:30pm ceremony will still be interpreted as "3:30 ISH"

* Grooms cry too. Tuck a tissue (or three) in his tux pocket. He'll thank you silently.

* Sometimes the best vows are the ones you write just before you say them.

* Ditto for toasts.

* An officiant with a sense of humor is a good thing.

* Always scuff the soles of new shoes.

* Holding the bachelor & bachelorettes parties two nights before the wedding isn't just good planning, it's critical for "hang-over avoidance".

* Shout wipes and Tide pens are a wedding planners best friends.

* All the planning in the world can't overcome the last minute snafu. Go with the flow. Don't sweat the small stuff. Breathe.

Planning a wedding can be a time consuming, headache-inducing, money-swallowing, tearful experience. It can also be a joyous, glorious, beautiful, laugh-fest of love. It's your choice how you approach the experience. A little patience, an honest appreciation for your budget, and a thorough wedding planner can help ease the pain and expand the pleasure. Wedding planning is above all else, a labor of love.

I've loved every single minute of the past nine months working on the Willeford/Sepp wedding.

Congratulations to Tyler and Amy,

Love U Mean It!

Lori Lamb