Thursday, November 20, 2008

Absent but accounted for

My sincere apologies to my readers for my prolonged absence from blogging. It's not for lack of want, but rather, a need for family time and introspection as I mourn the death of my mother.

On the 13th of November, following a brief illness which necessitated her being hospitalized, mom passed peacefully away. Among the many things I'll miss most about my mother, were her morning phone calls filling me in on the newspaper items and local store sales she thought would be of interest to me.

The woman who taught me to "never leave the house without lipstick" is most certainly in Heaven, and most likely at the lipstick counter picking out the perfect pink to wear with her new wings. For what I know for sure, is that I have a new guardian angel watching over me, and her name is MOM.

Rest in peace mom, remember always - Love U Mean It


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Patty said...

Thank you for sharing something that is very personal to your heart. May your Mom's angel always be with you!

I just wanted to share with others that you were dealing with your mom's serious health issues while planning Amy and Tyler's wedding.
Never once did you allow your personal situation to interfere with their wedding plans...and that tells me you are one, classy wedding planner!