Saturday, September 6, 2008

Simply Centerpieces

Among the countless items vying for attention on every brides to-do list, is the question of how to decorate the reception area to create the right mood. From lighting to chair covers to table linens and table centerpieces, the bride has many choices to make, and many options to consider.

Whether you choose an edible wedding centerpiece such as multiple mini-wedding cakes, centerpieces that guests take home as wedding favors, a classic floral arrangement that incorporates the same flowers carried by the wedding party, or a centerpiece that lends soft romantic light such as candles, your centerpiece is something you'll want to put some time and thought into.

That said, centerpieces don't have to break the bank to enchant your guests and highlight a stunning wedding reception table. Here are some simple yet chic ideas for the harried bride-to-be to consider in choosing her wedding reception centerpieces;

* A tall clear glass cylinder filled with colored water, glass bubble beads in a contrasting color and a small candle (perhaps a flower) floating atop sets a fun and colorful tone for the table.

* A medium sized round glass bowl with floating flower heads and floating candles lends beauty and elegance to any reception table.

* One of the latest trends in weddings is the "Green Wedding" or "Eco Wedding" as more and more couples look for something that lives beyond the party. Grasses, potted plants, even bonsai trees are gaining in popularity and echo the sense of the life ahead of the happy couple.

* Do double duty with mini-wedding cakes boxed up for guests to take home as their favor. A pretty box in wedding colors, perhaps with the happy couples monogram is an elegant way for guests to carry this flavorful favor home.

* Cupcakes !!! A tiered display of colorful cupcakes takes the place of traditional wedding cake and gives your guests easy access to a tasty dessert.

Whatever you choose, make sure your centerpiece has your imprint and reflects your own personal taste. Working with your wedding planner and/or floral coordinator is the best place to start. Whether you're a traditional bride or are leaning towards "eco-chic", there's a centerpiece to suit your needs and taste out there just waiting to be discovered by you!

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Karen said...

I'm a total cupcake-aholic so I love this idea. In fact, I think I'm gonna steal it for my April 09 wedding to the man of my dreams! Thanks Lori, love your blog.