Monday, August 18, 2008

Tell me again why I need a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner helps engaged couples coordinate the logistics of a wedding day. It sounds simple doesn't it? And it can be, if you have a wedding planner who believes that weddings aren't cookie-cutter events. While no bride really wants to be a "Bridezilla", there's no reason every bride can't have Her Day - Her Way.

Here's how I can help you ensure that your wedding vision becomes your reality;

Typically, a wedding planner's services include the following:
* several meetings with the couple to establish the couples vision and theme for the wedding as
well as to learn their expectations, needs, and to review their budget
* phone and email contact
* reviewing wedding vendor contracts to establish vendor obligations
* calling vendors to confirm details such as time of arrival and extent of services
* creating a timeline to schedule the events of the wedding day
* coordinate the wedding rehearsal
* provide in-person coordination of the events of the wedding day at the wedding venue

Many weddings are so elaborate that the bride can go crazy trying to organize it all by herself. This is where a wedding planner can be helpful. The planner is usually hired by a bride, and therefore treated as a vendor who has promised to deliver a service. The planner will stay in constant contact with the bride throughout the entire wedding planning phase, sense when there is a problem, and find a way to take care of it so as not to further stress the bride.

Wedding planners may actually be able to save the bride some money, even with their own fees factored in. Many planners have relationships with specific venues and/or vendors, and by providing them with multiple clients, may be able to receive discounted services .

Wedding planners usually have a thorough knowledge of a specific city/area, which may benefit brides monetarily as well. Planners know which venues are worth the money, and which are too good to be true, ensuring that the bride gets a fair value for the money she's spending.

Are you a bride who prefers to do the planning yourself? Do you just want someone to take the reins on the wedding day itself? I can help!

As a Day of Coordinator (or DOC's), a wedding planner is hired to work only on the wedding day, instead of the whole planning period. This way, the couple has total control over every aspect of the wedding, but has the ease of mind letting someone else make sure it comes together on the big day.

Like full blown wedding planners, DOC's are responsible for catching and troubleshooting any issues that may arise on the wedding day, so that the couple is free to focus on what they need to do personally to get ready.

This year, 21 percent of those marrying will use a wedding planner, according to Shane McMurray, author of the Wedding Report, a market research website.

There are so many components of a wedding - from the ceremony, to all the activities that take place during the reception. A wedding planner makes sure that you keep on schedule, maintain a great flow, handle any crises that may arise and make sure the day is worry and stress free for you.

Love U Mean It believes that every bride deserves to have her day - her way, and I'm here to help you do just that.

Contact me at to schedule an appointment to meet to discuss how my talents can best serve your needs. Since no two brides are exactly alike, all of my wedding planning packages are customized to your personal needs, with fees based accordingly.

Let Love U Mean It give you Your Day - Your Way!


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